INSIDE : 51.5055° N, 0.0907° W

"AN investigatION INTO how the human senses are

stimulated while visiting borough market, London".

  • The project brief: To create either a campaign, publication or exhibition based on a site in London.

  • I chose to look at one of London’s most famous marketplaces: ‘Borough Market’, which is situated on the South-Bank of the River Thames. The title of this project (Also the exhibition name 'INSIDE : 51.5055° N, 0.0907° W' references it’s exact longitude and latitude location — where a market has existed, for over a millennium.​

  • Taking this concept of "forensically investigating the site" quite literally, I created a series of Marco shots of organic produce found at the market. I also took a number of surface rubbings to explore texture to investigate how the human senses are stimulated while visiting this site. 

  • I chose this space for its vibrant and chaotic environment; with its constant buzz of sellers and visitors, its history, and it’s diverse offering of British and international produce.

  • Sound became a particularly important contributor to the atmosphere of Borough Market, and so I wanted to capture this auditory sensation, so I recorded the many sounds that form an audible backdrop to this site. 

  •   Although this site is mainly about food, I also came across a piece of interactive public art which inspired the typographic chapter in this proposal. The artwork was created by Candy Chang and entitled: ‘BEFORE I DIE’  the work by Chang is a described as a ‘PARTICIPATORY PUBLIC ART PROJECT’ which invites passers by to contemplate death, reflect on life, and share their personal aspirations in public. During my visits I began to document these public responses. I photographed the text and then, using Adobe illustrator, I traced the roughly chalked handwriting (Click on PDF below to see more).

  •   The variety of styles of handwriting lead me to analyse text using Graphology techniques, which explain how certain ‘graphic definitions’ in a person’s handwriting can depict their behaviour traits. 

Click the PDF to access the full 'INSIDE' project.