"The modern mutineers"

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  • The Brief: Create an exhibition proposal of your choice.​

  • The concept and vision behind MUTINY, is to seak out, track down, and showcase a few of today’s modern MUTINEERS who are breaking out and into the art and fashion industry.

  • This project is an exhibition proposal in which each MUTINEER has been given a pod, inside which, one of their defining concepts have been brought to life; from the fashion & art fusion of DOM SEBASTIAN’S experimentations (iconic 80’s computers are piled up while colourful rubber moulded shoes with misshaped heels are suspended in space), to a collection of gender neutral clothing, that explores faith and god from DE MIL, MUTINY is the very first event to bring together five of the most forward thinking creatives working in fashion and art today.​

Click the PDF to access the full 'INSIDE' project.